Our deli counter is full to the brim of award winning British cheese. We’ve got Sparkenhoe Red Leicester which is the only unpasteurised Red Leicester in the whole world and the only traditional Leicester still made in the county (we collect it from their farm in Upton). Aged for 14-16 months, Sparkenhoe is deep, russet red, flaky yet silky and has smooth and and rich flavours with a long lasting pleasant aftertaste.

Rachel (pronounced ‘Raquel’) is not your typical Goat’s cheese. Whilst maturing, it is washed regularly in a brine solution which gives it its pinky rind and occasional neon orange and yellow spots. Semi-firm with a delightful fragrance, subtle sweet and nutty lingering flavour, this is a wonderful choice for those who prefer their cheese not so strong or overly ‘goaty’ on the palate.

Norfolk White Lady is full fat and soft with a white bloom rind and firm, creamy texture with a mild, sweet milky flavour. Although ‘Camembert-like’ in appearance, the similarities end there. Made from ewes milk, the taste is tangy and slightly stronger than the traditional with a flavour that is mild, nutty and creamy with a rich sweet, milky finish. Norfolk White Lady becomes softer and considerably richer in flavour as it ages. It is slightly sharper then traditional Brie due to the natural tang of ewe’s milk. And so many more…

Why not ask a member of our team to help put together the perfect cheese board for you to enjoy.