Tasting Evening

Get Festive and Shop Smart at Our Christmas Fair!
Join us on Saturday, December 2nd, from 4 pm to 8 pm for a special evening of food samples and a 10% discount on your purchases. Come and enjoy the delightful sights and smells of Christmas while sampling delicious mince pies and sausage rolls. Get a head start on your holiday shopping or cross off the last few items on your list with this special in-store discount!

Don’t forget that this event also marks the beginning of our Christmas fairs. Take your shopping outdoors and browse the wonderful selection of items from local makers and crafters.

Please note that this discount excludes artisan items and farm park entry.

Winter logs

Seasoned Ash Timber

10 Kilo net £7 (collection only)

5 x 10 kilo nets £30

Barrow bag £60

1 cubic metre £175

Fresh Cut Christmas Tress

Fresh Cut Christmas trees now in stock


At the heart of our business is our butchery, where our team – led by Gareth and Nick – carefully selects livestock from local farmers. We offer an array of specialty products, ranging from handmade sausages, burgers, sausage rolls, and pies, to ready-to-cook dishes, stir-fry, and marinated barbecue recipes. Our team is always available to cut your meat according to your preferences, and provide valuable advice and cooking tips.
Try our Great taste award winning chicken sausages today!


We pride ourselves on growing as much of our own fruit and vegetable as possible here on site at Stoughton Grange. We use no chemicals and utilise multi-level cultivation to get the most from our garden. We expand our range by sourcing fresh produce from other local farmers and suppliers ensuring you’ll always be able to get your five day.

Cheese & Deli

Indulge in a variety of delectable award winning British cheeses from our well-stocked cabinet, ranging from Cheddar to Brie, and Wensleydale to goats’ cheese, all of which are sure to please your palette. Additionally, we offer an extensive selection of cheese biscuits, wafers, chutneys, and pickles to complement your cheese. If you have a particular cheese that you prefer, please inform us on your next visit and we will do our utmost to provide it for you!


At Stoughton Grange, we strive to reduce our impact on the planet by incorporating daily practices from 100 years ago. Here are a few notable ways we’re making a difference:

– We’ve created a kitchen garden to grow our own fruits and vegetables, which are sold in the shop and used in our lunch dishes.
– We prioritise local producers to decrease food miles and do not use blueberries or avocados.
– Any food waste we produce is recycled into compost for our garden.
– We harvest rainwater and are in the process of installing solar panels on our roofs.


Our customers are provided with the freshest milk available, sourced from Kingarth Farm just four miles away. The milk is harvested from the herd, carefully pasteurised, and then delivered straight from the farm.

Gift Vouchers available to purchase in store

Shop local and gift a voucher.
Are you struggling to find a unique gift for that special someone who seems to have it all? Look no further!
With a vast range of products available, they will have the freedom to select something that they truly love. From meats at the counter to in-house distilled Gin, there is something for everyone’s taste buds. If this sounds like the perfect gift, you can purchase gift vouchers in store.